White collar criminals breeding more criminals.

When Victor Hugo, a French poet, novelist, and dramatist of the Romantic movement, said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”. He was emphasizing on the importance of education in the life of any human being.

But how unfortunate it is that the very center of knowledge and education since ages, the country which lead the whole world on all the aspects of life, is doomed on educational front, just because it was converted into a private business by few policy makers after few decades of independence. They were least bothered about the outcomes in the coming future, due to their short sightedness.

It is very much visible now that how white collared criminals are opening schools, and other education related institutions, only to create more criminals.

Look at the crimes happening in the premises of these academic butcher houses.

In the name of so called rules, regulations or policies, which are nothing but their illogical, unethical and sometimes illegal, whims and fancies of these business owners, who knows and very much flaunt that they are above the law, above the countrymen and above the country they are answerable to, just because they have power of money aligned with political aid.

Their unrealistic practices are turning students into everything, but a responsible and accountable citizen of the country; and their parents into the most dissapointed and dissatisfied customers, who are getting defeated at every step due to the irregularities in the system and there is no one to heed them.

What kind of educational or academic reforms are we talking about?


Hope is where the ‘Heart’ is!

Hope is a beautiful word having a positive connotation and that is why hope holds a special place in a human life and psyche. That is why genuine people beleive in hope and remain hopeful for the things they expect to happen.

A genuine job seeker hopes for a suitable opportunity, a genuine recruiter hopes for a perfect closure, a genuine businessman hopes for a respectable profits, a genuine leader hopes to create better leaders, a genuine teacher hopes to bring the best out of the students, a genuine doctor hopes to provide best of the healings to the patient, a genuine lawyer hopes to get timely justice to the client, a genuine policeman hopes to serve the public honestly, and the list is endless.

I intend to enlighten about the parallel scenario while being hopeful about anything. You being a genuine job seeker does not mean that you will get what you are looking for in an employment or in an employer, you being a genuine recruiter does not mean that your client and candidate will not ditch you, you being a genuine businessman does not mean that your customers, vendors or government agencies will not take away your profits and your peace of mind, you being a genuine leader does not mean that your opponents will not disgrace you with their cheap tricks and lies, you being a genuine teacher does not mean that your other students will not take advantage of your sincerity, you being a genuine doctor does not mean that you will not be accused of malpractices, you being a genuine lawyer does not mean that you will not be approached by the most corrupted and shady criminals to fight their cases, you being a genuine policeman does not mean that you would always be trusted, and this list also an endless one.

Well, with all said and done, I am simply highlighting an aspect of why your hopes does not get manifested with the expected results and the reason is very simple, the people you are in direct dealing with on the opposite side.

Those people do not understand what hope is because they are totally and completely apathetic. They are so miserable and despaired that they only talk facts, reality, pragmatism and hardcore calculations.

They are so emotionless and feelingless that they do not care about your or anyone’s hope. They talk numbers, targets, profits, achievements, and everything which is in their favour only. They will claim that what they think and do is absolutely right, because they need to run a department, a company or even more, a country, and to take hard decisions they cannot get emotional, in any way.

In nut shell, majorly you are dealing with stone hearts and must not expect them to understand your emotions, feelings or priorities. There is no heart, only calculating mind.

Therefore, one need to keep a strictly balanced approach in terms of your hopes and expectations, so that they are not hurt because you might be dealing with someone without a heart.

And when you are ready and know what your are dealing with, the impact is bearable.

I am not saying that there is no humanity or people with big heart are not existing, I am simply emphasizing that their quantity is depleting and they are becoming difficult to find.

But, once you get what you are hoping for, then trust that you are amongst human-beings with feelings, emotions, heart and soul. And in my humble opinion, hope is where the heart is.



Relentless bombardment of commercial broadcasting in the name of advertisement, does not makes any institution a trustworthy brand, rather it creates a doubt as if they are hiding the reality of their organisations, products or services.

A word from the real user and their experiences, can be the only genuine contribution to atleast create a positive image of the entities in question.

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Brands! And Branding!

Organisations, Companies or Institutions become Brands, not because of their Name, Logo, Line of Business, Advertisement, Digital Footprint, TV Radio Newspaper Commercials, or whatever they show publically.

They become Brands due to their deep rooted Values, Ethics, Character, Intent, Inheritance, Commitment, Honour, Honesty, Trust, Compassion, Best Practices, Action, Truthfulness and Transparency.

They put humans and humanity first and foremost. Their behavior explicitly states that they treat all as one family and work towards the good, happiness and success of all.

Give your time, efforts, hardwork and importance to these kind of entities.

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Education Vs Mediocrity

Indian Education System is the best example of exceptional brilliance and intelligence along with extreme peculiarities and eccentricities having juxtaposition as its core.

Those who has the intent, do not implement and those who are capable of implementation, do not have an intent. And in between those who have both intent and capability of implementation are given the hardest of battles to keep them stuck, so that they cannot win the war against mediocrity.

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The Light will find you!

Darkness may boast of its blackness.
Mislead you that it is going to last forever.
But do trust, have faith and always belive, “the Light will find you”.
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Real Professionals Win!

When the concept of Personnel Department was changed to Human Resourse Department, I am sure the thought leaders must have wished that things will change for a transparent, productive and supportive culture in the organisations and HR will be the custodian of this whole process to keep the things on track.

And unfortunately, the control went to some mean, controlling, sadistic parasites who with their short sightedness and vested interests killed the Humane part in the HR and made a joke out of it.

The custodians who ever supposed to hand hold the People (Assets) in their career progression plans as per their requiremnts killed the very spirit of trust and faith.

Now they negotiate for everything a prospective employee can offer through their expertise, experience and education. They humilate the very fabric of people who are driven by emotions, families, feeling of giving back to the society.

They disrespect the sanctity of professionalism and make every job seeker look like a fool. They disgrace the offices they are holding. They create hindrance not in the progress of people, their careers and their families but in the progress of the nation and its people.

To show themselves better than everyone else they tarnish the image of the candidates by putting them in poor light as egoistic, greedy, unprofessional, unworthy, over-experienced, over-qualified and what not.

HRM is supposed to take care of both the sides as bridge, just like a teacher to its students as a bridge between personal and professional life. They are supposed to bring everyone on the same page by using their education and expertise for the mutual benefits of both the employer and the employee. But they become the pimps who are only concerned about themselves and focus on their own benefits betraying the trust of both the sides.

When some one is genuinely running a business, they are there to run it. And they do not hesitate to pay the deserving one. Same as when some one is genuinely offering their services as an employee they also determined to give their best. No one wants to sabotage the mutually benefitting equations.

It is the need of the hour to clean the filth which is hampering everyone’s growth and success just because of few anti social and anti national unprofessionals.

May the real professionals win-win-win!!!

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