Frontline Sales Teams

It is really very dispiriting, that no matter how big or small an organisation is, they always talk big about visions, missions, objectives, brandings, images, logos, taglines, jingles, mascots, uniqueness, quality, attitude, sophistication and what not, but they always forget to enable, empower, edify, cultivate, train, upskill, develop or even appreciate their ‘Frontline Sales Teams’ (direct & indirect both).

Everything literally goes for a toss and eventually a huge loss, when a customer comes across an unskilled, untrained and unprepared representative of the organisation over the phone, virtually online or face to face.

Interestingly, everyone know that how important and crucial sales is for the survival of an organisation, but no one wants to get involved into it. Everyone thinks that Sales is some other persons’ job, not theirs. The situation is such, that despite having unlimited opportunities and limitless chances of growth and success, no one is willing to get into “Sales” because it is a “Target Based” job.

If you just give a moment’s thought, you would realize that everything happening in this world is nothing but sales, disguised under some fancy or not so fancy name. And look at the irony, everyone is doing nothing else but sales.

Unfortunately, on the outer front, Sales is showcased as a career killing monster. But the truth is, Sales lost its ‘branding’ so long ago that no one wants to be a part of it. It is considered as last resort before failing.

Just like the adage which states that, ‘those who can’t do, teach’ and ‘those who can’t do anything else, go to sales’. In my opinion, both the statements are not only derogatory in nature but an insult to both the noble professions. The state of the fact is that no one knows how to learn this art of sales, and no one knows how to teach this art of sales.

The acknowledgement, the admiration and the respect, which this profession of Sales deserves is never been given and we as a community, as a society and as a country, not only need to understand but need to learn, teach and respect this “economy building art” which leads to nation and profession building.

It is the need of the moment that every individual, every institution, every organisation must shift their focus on refining Sales as a profession, and start defining every frontline member of the sales team, for a great good and sustainability.

Happy Selling!



A New You!

Every situation is a blessing in disguise, and despite knowing this, we still not be able to appreciate it because either we are in it, or we are going through it.
But, I am quite certain that someday in future, we would definitely be grateful for that disguised blessing, whenever we would get reminded about it.
Every ordeal we go through, to come out of any situation, makes us worthy of inheriting our future.
This current situation is also a blessing, and you must claim it by re-adjusting, re-strengthening, re-establishing, re-constituting, re-positioning, re-energizing, re-engineering, re-evaluating, re-structuring, re-conciling, re-shuffling, re-newing, re-instating, re-furbishing, re-shaping, re-aligning, reviving, repairing, revolutionizing, refreshing all of your plans, aims, ideas, goals, dreams, objectives, ambitions, aspirations, wishes and desires, at personal and professional level.
Because The New Normal will need A New You!
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Human Life seems to be in a default mode of consuming time and every one is in a hurry to finish it as soon as possible. And all we talk about is achievements and accomplishments.

This is really very unfortunate that no one is living life. Because no one in this race has ever thought of taking a break or slowdown and talk about their non-achievements and non-accomplishments, parallelly.

We talk about equilibrium or balance in everything we do, but we do not practice what we preach. If we even start discussing and sharing about the accomplishments and non-accomplishments equally and mention the important of both achievements and non-achievement without being biased, we would definitely leave a legacy behind, which we all dream of.

These trying times made everyone stand in the same line, facing the same fate. All designations, degrees, hierarchies, got dissolved and if anything was left, it was combat to live another day.

And still, everyone is so engrossed in reinventing the wheel that they forgot about the next step of combining all the wheels and make a cart, so that the further journey of anykind, which so ever is left, could become comfortable for everyone.

Practically, we are leaving behind a trail of unbalanced and unproductive experiences; not a legacy which might provide a solace or contentment of anykind, not even a shred of feeling about it.

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Nothing should be for Free!

Whenever anything related with business is offered for free, for whatever the reason, it certainly looses its value, its credibility and its authenticity.
And unfortunately it does not stops at this level only, this unprofessional, unethical and unworthy practice makes the product cheap, the vendor weak and the user unscrupulous.
So much so that how small this practice be deemed as, but it is distracting, disturbing, destructive and damaging.
It distracts people from valuing things, it disturbs the basic fabric of morality, it destroys the character of the society and it damages the structure of fundamental principles, laws, systems, rules and regulations, created for greater good to establish equality, impartiality, justice and fairness.
The Master Mentors repeatedly taught, “Nothing is for free, there is always a cost, although hidden.”

Refrain from giving and taking things for ‘free’ but for a “FEE”!
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Adapt and Adopt

1. Save as much as you can in terms of Money, Water, Trees, Energy and Environment.
2. Purchase, Promote and Export the Indian Products Only.
3. Encourage, Inspire and Recommend your Local Businesses and Businessperson always.
4. Become Self-Employed, an Entrepreneur, a Freelancer or an Independent Worker.
5. Assist, Support and Accomodate Indian Farmers, Soldiers and Service providers.
6. Involve yourself in self-study, self learning and master one vocational skill or something to be done with your hand.
These measures will be a salute to your real patriotism.
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Career Management & Development Sutra

Tip #7:
Few of the finishing touches you need to give to your resume to make it standout are as under:

  1. Always use fonts which are without edges. For e.g. Use Arial or Calibre instead of Times Roman.
  2. Do not use more than 2 fonts while writing your resume.
  3. Keep the font size between 9 to 11 depending on the font and the information you need to put.
  4. Your name on the top must be solid, bold and not less than point size 28.
  5. And exactly under your name, mention your designation, domain or specialization, latest education and work experience.
  6. After that put your contact address, cell number and email address.
  7. Use a professional picture always.
  8. Do not forget to put your name, contact number and email address along with page numbers in the footer of your resume, if the counting of the pages is more than one.
  9. There should be no hyperlink on your resume.
  10. Provide the reference only when you are asked for.
  11. And finally, triple check the spellings, grammer and punctuation.

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Career Management & Development Sutra

Tip #6:
The personal details (apart from mandatory details) in your resume must give the reader an idea about what kind of person you are.
The mandatory details are Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Marital status, Children (if any), Gender and Contact Details.

The personal details are Religion, Nationality, Mother Tongue, Other languages known, Interests, Hobbies and Your digital footprint

Note: There is a difference between interests and hobbies, mention them only after you understand them thoroughly. Your digital footprint is your social media accounts. Mention those which create an impact on your professional life or can enhance your growth prospects.

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Career Management & Development Sutra

Tip #5:
In your resume, the details of your education, certifications, internships, projects, curricular activities and extra-curricular activities needs to be provided under two specific headings; that is:

1. Professional Qualification (Doctorate, Masters)

2. Educational Qualification (Graduation, 12th & 10th)

Exception: If your graduation is BBA, BCA, B.Tech, B.Pharm, B.Design, B.Arch, MBBS, etc., then that graduation will be mentioned under Professional Qualification.

However, the rule of inverse chronological order remains the same for everything. In this manner there will be no confusion what to put where.

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Career Management & Development Sutra

Tip #4:
Work Experience in your resume needs to be mention in the Inverse Chronological Order by puting the current job at the first position, then the previous job before the first job as second one, and the previous job before the second job as third one, so on and so forth.

The details to be highlighted must follow a line wise sequence, for example, in first line, mention the duration or tenure of the job in month and year (eg. Jan 2019 – Feb 2020), no need of putting date.

In second line, mention your Designation and in the third line, state the name and city of your Employer.

In the fourth line you can write the designation of the person you are reporting to. Fifth line must have your Job Description, Main Activities, Role or Responsibility, in short and simple bullet points. Sixth & seventh line is for your initiatives and achievements, respectively.

Always remember, this is your resume and not your employer’s, so mention everything related with you and your role & responsibility, but no need of highlighting their brand name, their business, their activities or their background. Save that information for answers the questions in your interview.

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Career Management & Development Sutra

Tip #3:
The Executive Summary or the Professional Summary is the sum total of your entire career. It is like putting those 5 points on the presentation slide which you want the whole world to know, accept and acknowledge by who you are as a complete package. You need to mention about your total experience, your exposure, your expertise, your enterprises, your education and your passion.
This summary of yours will become handy while updating your professional profiles on social media platforms and job portals. This summary will become your micro introduction as well. So give your full attention and focus on making it crisp and to the point.

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